Delicate for Sensitive Noses.   Light and fresh with hints of floral spice .  Poppy creates a memorable lip moisturizing experience that lasts and lasts.  This delicate non-scent has been specially formulated for scent-sensitive noses.   Tree formulated her one-of-a-kind Poppy for her Mama, Nani.

The “Poppy flower” means remembrance.  That’s why it is used on Veterans day.  We salute our Military men and women who have served our great country!  Freedom is never Free.  Thank You.

Each day we remember Tree’s Dad “Popi” as we share this great product.  Jim “Eddie” Morris crossed the finish line into Heaven at 90 years old.   This one’s for you -old man fishing the Rock River… we remember & honor you still.

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Light and fresh with hints of floral and spice. This scent has been specially formulated for scent-sensitive noses. Poppy gives a memorable moisturizing lip experience that lasts and lasts. Poppy means ‘remembrance’. We think of our US Military veterans when we see a red Poppy flower. With Poppy we remember Veterans, POWs, MIA, KIA and US soldiers in honor of TreesTerps Father-called “Popi” by his grandchildren. Every time you enjoy our POPPY lip balm- remember those who have served our great country- and their “Beauties” who make a home for them to come back to. Poppy was made special for “Nani” – Popi’s Beauty for 54 years before the Lord called him home at 93 years.  No one alive today enjoys freedom that is free.  We Honor those that have gone before us.

Who do you remember? Please share in our comments below.

  • Proprietary Terpenes shown to have body affects, including:
    • Relieves anxiety and stress
    • Soothing
    • Uplifting
    • Creative Energy
    • Calming
    • Clear headed
    • Alert effects
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Anti-microbial


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