Jim Dandy

Natures Scent Therapy

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Terpene Infused Lip Balm 2.0

Terpene Education


Natures Scent Therapy

Proprietary Terpenes shown to have body affects, including:


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Welcome to a new kind of Lip Balm infused with botanical terpene goodness from the Garden of Eden! TreesTerps is in everyone's pocket, purse and car console. 🍃When applied to dry lips, TreesTerps softens for hours. The scent is totally far out! TerpieLips are a Garden of Eden inspired scent experience. Try This 🍃Apply TerpieLips and ROCK OUT to 'IRON BUTTERFLY':
"In The Garden of Eden Baby - you know that I Love You!" -great song from Iron Butterfly (1968)

"Be Kind for No Reason.... because that's who YOU are" -Mr. Kole, stock broker

Natures Scent Therapy

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