GroovyDOG Balm

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GroovyDOG Balm

Make your fur baby “Bark @the Moon” in relaxing relief with our paw-nose-skin Balm!  Pet care like no other product out there- made in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Our family couldn’t find a better product- so we made our own GroovyDOG BALM- for all paws, dry creases & rough noses.   Our test group tried the rest- this is THE BEST all-natural itch relief.  Soothing, all natural, relief for rough paws, noses, and itchy skin spots!!    Is your fur baby licking their paws all the time?  Purify any issues (like yeast) by applying a good chunk and rubbing it in.  If puppy licks it-  no worry.  Our paw balm is 100% pet safeCoconut Oil is antibacterial and antifungal.

GroovyDOG Balm is good for all fur baby itchy spots

  • Use this balm directly on rough, dry or itchy skin on: paws, nose, tail, sores, itchy spots

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GroovyDOG Balm is good for itchy skin!

Fact:  Cocoa butter is pet safe.  Coconut oil is pet safe.  Licking is acceptable in moderation.  Check with your vet to be safe!!  We love all fur babies, so please use common sense.  Our Bella eats a little broken off piece of GroovyDOG Balm from time to time.

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