Blue Dream

Blue Dream has me singing Sweet Blueberry Satisfaction that delivers a burst of euphoric creativity.  Our #1 all-time favorite.   BLUE DREAM FEELS FOXY! “  This is a sexy lip balm with soaring confidence.  Wear it all day- go ahead & Be irresistible!   Blue Dream is woody notes, berry and a hint of Orange zest.  The terpene combo is magic!

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Blue Dream sings Sweet Blueberry Satisfaction delivering a burst of euphoric creativity.  It’s our #1 favorite.  Get ready to fall in Love.  If it is possible for a lip balm to be sexy- TREE’S TERPS’ BLUE DREAM is FOXY!  With this sexy lip balm confidence soars & the opposite sex can smell your irresistibility!   Have you ever had a lip balm give back to you?   Get Ready-  Blue Dream is dreamy with woodsy notes, prominent berry and a hint of Orange zest.

  • Proprietary Terpenes shown to have body affects, including:
    • Euphoric
    • Creative
    • Pain Relieving
    • Anti-anxiety
    • Anti-depression
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Anti-microbial
    • Improves moods
    • Slows cancer cell growth
    • Slows plaque build up associated with Alzheimer’s


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