Natures BEST Lip Balm.

We love what we do!  Bringing great smells and luxury skin care to every pocket, purse & car console is our JAM.  We bring you the In The Garden of Eden product line. 

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Botanical scents in your pocket

In the Garden of Eden


The Catalog

Got Terps?

Bring FUN into your shop, capture impulse buys & take care of your customer base.
got terps?

Got TreesTerps?

Everyone uses lip balm- we have 20 kinds of awesome!! Our mascot Alfred is a lot of FUN.
got terps?
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Retail Store Catalog

Package #1: CORNER STORE, 656 lip balm + merch

Package #2: MAINSTREET, 328 lip balm + Merch

Package #3: BOUTIQUE, 328 lip balm + Merch

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