Terpenes Have Health Benefits

Learn how terpenes affect your entire body- brain, joints & mood. Science has discovered terpenes unlock feeling "Botanical Bliss Affects" because Your body has CBD receptors activated by terpenes! That's why the scents of terpenes bring about specific body feels and mood Upgrades. *Subscribe to our newsletter for In-A-Godda-Da-Vida Baby!- gain "In the Garden of Eden" knowledge shares. We are glad you are here! We love to educate about how God designed each of us to interact with the natural world around us.

When You can- go Outside... find a forest to engage your senses. You will find it delivers PEACE, Tranquility and calm. but If you can't get to nature: bring treesTerps in your Pocket ....we bring nature to you!
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Discover Our Knowledge Hub about how Terpene’s are well credentialed to show CDB1 and CBD2 receptor engagement in all parts of the body.  TreesTerps has studied the process of infusing prefectly 

What are Terpenes?

Terpene Medical Overview from: National Institute of Health.GOV
The US National Library Of Medicine

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