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We present a series of our one of a kind products. Uniquely hand crafted with the health of our customers in mind. In order to protect our bodies from the stresses of life,  terpene scents offer healthy support responses. TreesTerps products are proudly produced from high-quality botanical materials, right here in America.   Join the In-a-Godda-Da-Vida mission.  


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Natures scent therapy

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For over 7 years TreesTerps has been using beneficial Terpene aroma molecules to pivot away from Chemicals and toward plant power!  Terpenes produce healthy body effects (like reducing inflammation, lowering stress).  These are 100% all natural.  Terpenes smell great and make us feel great too!  

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Over the years we have created a myriad of terpene products that are uniquely TreesTerps!!  You won’t forget our distinctive lip balm, stick lotion, sugar scrubs, teas, candles, soaps or our scent branding- available in scent sachets + kits for your aroma therapy scent diffuser, fragrance or room sprays.   TreesTerps is proud to even have car diffusers & bug repellants.  

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Learn how terpenes affect your entire body- brain, joints & mood. Learn how our lip balm can help you feel "Botanical Bliss Affects". Your body has receptors for terpenes! That's why the scents of terpenes bring about specific body feels/ mood shifts. Subscribe to our newsletter and return to our knowledge share blog. We love to educate about how God designed each of us to interact with the natural world around us. When we do- we achieve PEACE, Tranquility and calm. If you can't get nature- bring nature to YOU.... with TreesTerps!


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Natures Scent Therapy

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